A marketing technology Consultant, heading the Jeihoon online bookstore and Nuance marketing division. One of the primairy responsibility within the firm is the growth of both content production and sales within Jeihoon and Nuance, some of the defined tasks in the organization can be outlined as follow: - Marketing strategy - Sketching the marketing technology (MarTech) stack. - Market development related planning and activities. - Curating content and go to market strategies along with its dessimination across existing channels for digital marketing purposes. ex. Instagram, linkedin… - Supporting data-driven based decesions,through analysising quantitative and qualitative data gathreed from the business. - Supporting compnay clinets in their day to day activities with the aim of helping them to excell in sales making sure the my firm keeps up with the defined sales target. - Generating quartlery reports from the two buisnesses and presneting them to the managing director. Before Jeihoon and Nuance, I was digital marketing manager at a startup responsible for the dessimintion of digital content both audio and text (digital form) through an application called KHANA. My main responsibility was to aggregate content and work on user acquisition.

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