As a young and hard-working leader, during my 15 years of uninterrupted activity in startups, medium-sized companies and enterprise companies, I have always tried to build young, smart and hard-working teams with a serious focus on results. With a background in robotics, I tried to use the highest quality courses and trainers in the field of business, and in my career I ranged from IT companies to the electrical and electronics industry, from online retail to financial services. Today, I am in a position to expand several organizations and companies in terms of finances and dimensions. I have led and guided new areas of high-tech businesses to improve the living standards of the people of the world. My motto: smart but hardworking, deep but simple thinking

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محمد شمالی

تفاوتهای اساسی بین دو فعالیت «مدیریت تغییرات» و «دگرگونی و تحول» وجود دارد.

بسیاری از مدیران متوجه نیستتد که این دو با یکدیگر تفاوت دارند و درحالیکه مدیریت تغییرات را در سازمان خود پی میگیرند، در حال مبارزه ضمنی و تضعیف دگرگونی و تحول در سازمان خود هستند.

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